Tonight we introduce a new series of posts to UPC, aptly titled UPComing. Every day we get countless emails from aspiring musicians sharing their music with us, and more than often these submissions sadly slip through the cracks due to the overwhelming amount we receive. To counter this occurrence, each of the UPComing posts will strictly be submissions we’ve received in our email that we’ve decided to share with our readers.

Being that this is the first installment, we’ve decided to keep our submission selections to local Illinois talent this time around. For the inaugural post we give you “No Signal” from Samy.Language & Matt Bones. This song is the outcome of the latest Sway Parade release; an umbrella project from Chicago & NYC that hones the vastly different talents of six artists, rather than relying on the prowess of one. The mixtape contains unreleased and new material from Samy.Language, Matt Bones, Light Collector, MinusOne, art from Irek with direction under Adam Sabh. Listen to the lead single below and download Sway Parade Vol. 1 here.