da rocinha 2

Michigan based producer Sango has released his much anticipated follow up to last year’s extremely successful album, North. The wait was long, but worth it in the end. Sango did this album the right way. He took his time, honed his skills, and the finished product is a reflection of that.

Soulection co-CEO Joe Kay made several claims over the past few months about the effect this project would have on how fellow producers use samples in hip hop production, and after listening, I couldn’t agree more. He did an absolute masterful job of sampling on Da Rocinha 2, using a lot of Hispanic/Latin music, and even a very dope Aaliyah and Timbaland sample. It’s refreshing to see an up and coming producer like Sango continue to improve on the road to success. If you missed his project with fellow Michigan native and good friend Waldo, make sure you grab that too.

Download: Da Rocinha 2