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Let’s be honest. Unofficial merch is a funny thing. Rarely does it actually stand out and rarely does it outlast the 24 hours of boozing you may (or may not) partake in. This year we wanted to do something both aesthetically pleasing and commemorative of the holiday. 

After the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our drop last year, we decided to bring our friends & fam yet another UPC Unofficial exclusive in the form of the UPC Unofficial ’14 Golden Legacy Long SleeveCrafted in the heart of NYC’s fashion district, these tees are printed on dark forest green long sleeves made of 100% cotton, detailed with golden graphics to give you a luminous aura. Featured on the sleeves is everything we find representative of not only the day, but also symbolic of both UPC and the legacy that students will carry-on well after leaving campus.

The tees fit true to size and are pre-shrunk. They’re available in mens sizes S-XXL for $28 a piece via our online store exclusively until 9PM Wednesday, February 26thNo shipping, as this is for our Champaign/Urbana folk. Pick-up will be held on Thursday, March 6th. Exact details regarding pick-up will emailed out to those who purchase.

Shouts to Marko, Estelle, Hannah, River, Thomas, the whole UPC team, all the hustlers, and most importantly you, the customer (Hov voice). Cheers & happy Unofficial!


*Model is wearing a Large.