The winter has been pretty unbearable (though not record-setting) this year in the Midwest. Nonetheless, Minnesotans Slug and Ant, who together make up Atmosphere, gathered their friends in an attempt to enjoy the cold weather, capturing it all in a visual for the lead single “Bitter.” Atmosphere announced earlier this week that its seventh studio album, Southsiders, is set to be released on May 6th. Check out the video above and peruse the album’s tracklist below (pay special attention to track ten).

1. “Camera Thief”
2. “Arthur’s Song”
3. “The World Might Not Live Through The Night”
4. “Star Shaped Heart”
5. “I Love You Like A Brother”
6. “Southsiders”
7. “Bitter”
8. “Mrs. Interpret”
9. “Fortunate”
10. “Kanye West”
11. “We Ain’t Gonna Die Today”
12. “My Lady Got Two Men”
13. “Flicker”
14. “January On Lake Street”
15. “Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now”