Cozz, a new 20-year-old artist from Los Angeles, debuts his first single with “Dreams,” three and a half minutes of merciless spitting that raises expectations for future releases. Produced by Meez, “Dreams” articulates Cozz’s desire for wealth and power, and how his current success in the streets contradicts the goals he and his family had for him when he was a child: “Rollie on my wrist/Jesus pieces on my neck/Mama, needed the rent/Papa, drinking the fifth/Crashed my mama’s Honda/Can’t even lease her a whip.” The haunting chant of “Always had dreams of being rich, huh” depicts Cozz’ dilemma: the streets offer him success through money, but at the same time they suck him into their perpetual dangers. Dope lyricism over stripped down beats is what you’ll find on this track. Check out the video for this record above, and download below from SoundCloud.