Back in December, fellow UPC team member Boswell wrote a very thoughtful think piece on the fiasco (no pun intended) that’s occurring with the career of Chicago’s own Lupe Fiasco. Boswell recalled pivotal moments in Lupe’s hip-hop passage, from “Kick, Push,” to the more recent negative attention he’s drawn (most famously for getting kicked out of the President’s Inaugural concert), to leaving halfway through a show in Salt Lake City after a fan threw a tomato on stage. Boswell even admitted that Bill O’Reilly got the best of Lu in their so-called “debate;” that fact alone paints a picture of just how bad things got for Fiasco. Despite his mistakes, many of us can agree that when it’s all said and done, Lupe will go down as one of the greatest lyricists to ever pick up a mic, breathing fresh air into hip-hop simply by making a track about a boy and a girl finding love through skateboarding. For that reason, die-hard Lupe fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what move Lupe will make next. While we wait patiently for his fifth studio album, Tetsuo & Youth, Fiasco continues to generously drop new tracks on the innanet.

Today, Wasalu delivers a banger, entitled “Thorns & Horns,” that will definitely grab the attention of some old fans he might’ve lost. TDE’s own Ab-Soul is also featured on the track, and the two provide amazing verses, ultimately ending the track by going at each other head-to-head. It is not clear which album will be receiving this track, but nonetheless, it’s safe to say that Lupe’s back. Check out the track below and let us know what you think. LONG LIVE FNF!