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For our next Campus Requisites installment, we met with Champaign-Urbana’s Steven Kveton, known to most as DJ Krucial, to see what are his must-haves on campus. Heavily involved in the DJ community in C-U, DJ Krucial has been making a name for himself spinning at Red Lion, Clyborne’s, and the Red Bull Thre3style University Competition. With his Go Pro Hero 2, iPhone 5, and Stapleford Button Up, Krucial is always reading to capture his campus experience and turn it into his own art.  

Taking a quick glance above, Steven is all about portability, utility, and practicality. From his Casio CA53W Calculator Watch and Adidas Adi Ease kicks to his Traktor Kontrol X1, he is ready for whatever campus throws at him by day. By night, however, you will find DJ Krucial on the 1s and 2s  with his Turntable Headshell and Shure M44G Cartridge. You might see him longboarding around campus, enjoying a cheeseburger during a Blackhawks game, or even listening to some of his favorite “forward thinking” artists like Ta- Ku, Flume, Louis Futon, Ryan Hemsworth, and Snakehips & Bondax. While majoring in Communications and minoring in Business, he hopes to keep making music and performing on the side while pursuing a possible career in marketing or advertising. Take a look below and see what DJ Krucial had to say about his requisites.

Go Pro Hero 2: “I’m working on making a film of my experiences at the University of Illinois, and I bring the Go Pro with me when I want to get some cool shots that don’t require me to bring my bigger camera.”

Casio CA53W Calculator Watch: “People always ask me why I have a calculator watch, and that’s pretty much exactly why I do. I love watches, but I don’t like to spend a lot on them, so I went with this one cause it was economically awesome.”

Fossil Wallet: “I wouldn’t know where to put my money without it.”

Turntable Headshell and Shure M44G Cartride: “I always bring two of these guys to every show. I just plug them into the turntables at the venue I’m playing, and I’m good to go. I’d consider myself a turntablist style DJ, and these are great for scratching, mixing and cuing.”

iPhone 5: “My iphone is a lifesaver. Equipment is always prone to fail, so having a backup of tunes on me at all times is key. I’ve even used it to DJ at a local bar one time when my equipment malfunctioned. I also occasionally use the app Nano Studio to work on ideas for songs on the go.”

Crew Hair Gel: “I can’t really say I’ve put much effort into my hair, but hair gel always helps keep things on point.”

Super Seal Vinyl: “This was my first scratch/breaks record I bought after getting my first Stanton Str8-100 turntable. Its got a lot of classic scratch samples and break loops that are a lot of fun to mess around with. I’m currently working on a new hip-hop/electronic track that has a few drum samples I grabbed [from] the album.”

Adidas Adi Ease: “These are my go to shoes for longboarding, hanging out, and round house kicking. They’re simple, but just as comfy as they are fly.”

Red Bull Thre3style University Slipmats: “I got these for competing in the Red Bull Thre3style University DJ battle. Even though I didn’t win, it was a pretty big moment in my life to play in front of so many people.”

Traktor Kontrol X1: “I use the X1 at every gig. It’s awesome for setting cue points, triggering effects, and looping. Even though I’m a big fan of using vinyl, this controller always comes in handy because it’s easy to throw into a backpack and bring anywhere.”

Stapleford Button Down: “This is one of my favorite shirts because it’s really colorful and out there. I usually just try to let my music speak for itself, but ridiculous clothing is always a plus.”

Photography by Robert M. If you’d like to be featured or would like to recommend someone, please feel free to reach out to us.

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