The tech giant known as Google has ventured into the world of art by creating a forum where you can explore and brush up on your art knowledge with Google Cultural Institute. By partnering up with museum, cultural and archival institutions like The White House, Brooklyn Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Paris and The National Gallery, London you can take virtual tours to see historic and timeless works thanks to Google’s Street View technology. Housing over 5,000 works of art, organized by artist, location, style and medium you can find artwork and landmarks that tell the stories behind the art and institutions themselves. You can also create your own gallery which you can share with friends as well.

[The project] makes street art and graffiti accessible to many folks who might otherwise dismiss it—without knowing anything about it,” says Lois Stavsky of Street Art NY who also co-curated the 5-Pointz Gallery. This site provides a space where street art and graffiti can live on forever through the internet. With their Street Art Gallery you can discover spots all over the globe where its being hosted in a gallery, a well-known wall or the city itself like NEW YORK WALLSGoogle is constantly innovating the way we see the world and promoting the art culture for generations to come.

Start the gallery for a small tour of Google Cultural Institute.