The walls of Leaders1354 got blessed recently with a brand new mural done by none other than New York City’s own Claudia Gold, aka Claw Money. To celebrate the wonderful work Claw has done, LDRS and the good folks at Hennessy opened up the store for people to come in and check out her work, as well as to cop the exclusive t-shirts that CLAW & Co. and LDRS collaborated on. Claudia made her break as a graffiti artist in NYC during the ’80s and ’90s with her iconic “claw” logo, that today can be seen everywhere you go, as she merged into the fashion industry with her many collaborations done with Nike, Coca Cola, Nascar, GPen, and more. During her visit to Chicago we had the privilege to speak with Claudia about CLAW & Co. and her most recent collaboration with LDRS. Find out more about the iconic artist below.

UPC: How did the collaboration with Leaders1354 come about? What does being a leader mean to you?

CLAW: Leaders set the trends in Chicago and really for the whole Midwest. They are longtime friends of ours and really who else would we launch our new brand with. Being a leader means taking risks and going with your gut, even if it doesn’t seem obvious. Taking chances on things you believe in and making people see your vision.

UPC: You’re known for the many dope collaborations you have done. What is your dream collaboration to work on and why? 

CLAW: Every collaboration is a dream collab as I take them very seriously and give special consideration to how my art will be applied. I would like to do expand into other categories such as furniture and home goods so I will let you know…

UPC: How do you define CLAW & Co.?

CLAW: CLAW & Co. is about the global subculture and the people who make it. It encompasses art and fashion and ties them together. The company is an extension of the all the things I’m into.

UPC: When you first started doing graffiti, did you ever imagine the CLAW logo to be as iconic as it is today?

CLAW: I certainly never had any clue that it would become my career and life’s mission to spread the Claw message around the world. It is all a happy accident, good timing and luck. But no I never thought the Claw would become a interpreted symbol that means so many different things to so many different people.

UPC: How do you feel when people say they are inspired by your art?

CLAW: I’m happy to share it. I do it for the kids. Claw Money is for the children and the people that are young in spirit.