Tyler, the Creator has blessed us with a gift, one that reminds us why we love hip-hop and the culture that surrounds it. At his Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, he released a documentary detailing the making of Wolf, his most recent album. Tyler has always been known for his work behind the video lens, and in this feature he opts for a homemade video experience. The candid nature of the video work fits well with the documentary, as Tyler takes us through the life of him and his crew as they prepare for his new album and watch it release.

While keeping the film-work simple, The Wolf Gang leader is able to pack in some pure, raw, emotional, and often hilarious footage. You truly see the creative process behind the making of these songs; you see Tyler’s work ethic as he sits at the keyboard playing melodies until he finds the right one. In one scene we witness Tyler as he is overcome with emotion while Pharrell, his idol, records a part for “IFHY.” He shows the concerts and festivals that they perform at, where thousands of fans are gathered to get a glimpse of Tyler.

Odd Future is successful because of the brand that it has built. A group of kids that don’t care about the status quo or the establishment before them, a group of kids that simply did dope stuff together. When you watch the Odd Future crew kick it with each other, you get a sense of something powerful happening. As Tyler says in the video when talking about driving a push-to-start car, “A year and half ago, I was broke as shit.” The songs, the festivals, the fans, the money. All of that was due to the simple power of creation, because some kids decided to make something out of nothing. This is why hip-hop is so empowering, so amazing. The possibilities are endless, and reality becomes simply what you make of it. So what if you are broke as shit, it doesn’t matter. Go out and get your push-to-start.