“Blessings on blessings on blessings, look at my life it’s been lessons on lessons on lessons.” – Big Sean.

Dark Sky Paradise presents the beauty within the chaos, and intertwines the concepts of doom and utopia. This seems to fit Big Sean as he matures and overcomes some of the hardships that have haunted him throughout his life, and grows into the artist that he has always had the potential to be. Growing up in Detroit, Sean was fortunate enough to come across the opportunity to rap for Kanye outside a local radio station. A success story was born, but Mr. Anderson’s troubles were not over. His last studio album suffered mediocre reviews and record sales, his relationship with Naya Riviera fell apart, and quite sadly, his grandmother has recently passed away. Needless to say, Big Sean has been going through some tough times. However, he has recently started dating Ariana Grande, and with his much anticipated album finally getting a release date and title, things may be starting to turn around for Sean.

Cashing in on the hype stirred by the album teaser, Big Sean has decided to drop the first single off the album, “Blessings.” This song has a dark, ominous and thumping beat, with Sean rapping in juxtaposition against the two top MCs in the business. However, Big Sean stands his ground, and in my opinion has one of the best verses in the song. Drake comes in with a killer hook, adding potential radio spins, and also murders his verse, which isn’t much of a surprise from Drizzy these days. Kanye finishes with a verse out of nowhere at the end, taking a 180 from some of his recent musical output. He raps in braggadocio, however still managing to slip in a reference of his daughter, North. It is a rapping style I haven’t really seen from Kanye before, but it works with the song, and finalizes with him singing Drake’s hook. Listen below and as always leave us a comment with your thoughts. I for one am going to count my blessings that Dark Sky Paradise is finally on the way. *insert prayer hand emoji*