Vince Staples has been slept on across the board ever since the release of his promising EP, Hell Can Wait, alongside a number of decent mixtapes. The young rapper hails from Long Beach, California — same as Snoop Dogg. Vince often focuses on themes such as growing up in tough neighborhoods and police brutality. His songs are heavy and have messages worth listening to.

“Señorita” is no different. Vince’s verses are emotionally charged and intensely delivered, yet he maintains a steady and haunting flow throughout. While he may be young, Vince is skilled in lyricism and shows it off in this song. Though he doesn’t use a lot of word play or internal rhyme schemes, he has the ability to capture a glimpse of life on the streets with just a few lines:

“My burner gets stuck if I shoot it too much
So a n***a resorted to domin’
That’s somebody’s son but a war to be won
Baby either go hunt or be hunted”

The beat features an eerie harpsichord tune with energetic high hats. Though the structure is familiar, it’s well-executed and suited for this song. Future’s “Covered in Money” is sampled in the chorus. Vince Staples announced his debut album, Summertime ’06, at a show in L.A. earlier this week. It will be executive produced by Chicago native and production veteran, No I.D. The release date is June 30. “Señorita” is the first single. Check it out and let us know what you think: