ZenSupremacy - STAY ZEN artwork by vinceblok.tumblr.com

Music collectives have been around for ages, giving like-minded artists a network to enhance their creativity, and inspire one another to keep pushing forward. However, before the internet, collectives were only possible if members lived around the same geographical location. Today, with the help of the major social music platform Souncloud, musicians have been given the ability to collaborate and share their passion with fellow music producers, vocalists, and rappers from around the world.

Ten months ago, electronic music producers EKANY and .sinh decided to form the collective ZenSupremacy to help showcase the unique tastes and ideas of forward-thinking artists from all over the world. Yesterday, Amsterdam’s ZenSupremacy released their second compilation EP: Stay Zen, which features eighteen beautifully crafted tracks, generating a variety of moods and emotions. There’s a little something on it for everyone, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Stream or download it for free from their Soundcloud below.