The Weeknd, everyone’s favorite wild-haired R&B star, has finally released his highly anticipated summer album, Beauty Behind The Madness. Since the release of his series of critically acclaimed mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence) in 2011, The Weeknd has steadily gained a massive following. In 2014, he released his debut album Kissland, and his fan base only grew.

Suddenly, the The Weeknd has burst into the mainstream. In the years that followed Trilogy, The Weeknd has developed a poppy, Michael Jackson-inspired sound. His sexy crooning is no longer accompanied by the slow heroine-drip sound of 4 a.m., but his new sound captures the frantic, coked-up excitement of 1 a.m. perfectly.

Singles from Beauty Behind The Madness have dominated the Billboard R&B charts for months. “Often,” “Earned It,” “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” have been staples in summer playlists. The rest of the album is just as great. Standout tracks include “Shameless” and “Tell Your Friends,” produced by Kanye West. “Tell Your Friends” features one of the dopest Weeknd lines:

I’m the ni**a with the hair singin’ bout poppin’ pills, f**kin’ bitches, living life, so trill

Beauty Behind The Madness is available to stream on Spotify. Listen to it below, and let us know what you think!