LCrew_Povi_05This past Wednesday, downtown Champaign’s High Dive hosted the second stop of the Red Bull Sound Select Tour. Red Bull Sound Select is a project that brings upcoming artists out of their local scenes to showcase their music. Last week, Chambana welcomed SZA and introduced to two rising artists, Povi and Lizzo. UPC got the chance to sit down and chat with Povi, a Colorado native with amazing pipes. Scroll down to read the interview, which includes info on Povi’s start in the industry, her dream collaboration, advice to college women and more.

UPC: How did you get started in the music industry?

Povi: I have always sung. At age 11, I really started to get into singing and sang on the streets and at Bar Mitzvahs. At around age 13, I was part of an all-girls group where we sang and danced. After, I was in some rap groups until I was 16. I think that’s when I really got into writing my own music. I decided to move to the Bay Area when I was 19 to get started.  I would go to open mics and “People’s Jam.” I really learned so much there and grew a lot as a person. I used to be very shy; it helped me open up and not hold back.

UPC: What is it like working with two other really talented women?

Povi: I can’t tell you how refreshing and incredible it is to be working with these women. They are talented, passionate, chill, creative, humble people, and I feel so blessed.

UPC: Have any women served as role models for you?

Povi: I would have to say my mom. My mom had to basically raise herself and her siblings. She is such a strong person, and I have always idolized her. As for my “celebrity role model,” it would definitely have to be Janelle Monae. She just lives and promotes her pure intentions. I love that. She doesn’t compromise her dignity for anything. I would absolutely collaborate with her.

UPC: Who would be your dream collaboration?

Povi: As cliché as this sounds, I gotta go with Beyoncé. She is queen. I really feel how she just makes fun music too — it doesn’t always have to mean something. I appreciate that.

UPC: Do you have any advice for college women?

Povi: Be yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. It’s so hard but it’s so important to be who you are and believe in yourself. Meeting a woman who is authentically herself is so revitalizing. It is so much easier said than done, obviously. But just to practice that [is my advice].

UPC: What has been the best part of being a part of the Red Bull program?

Povi: They really take care of you. I feel so lucky, everyone is so great. It’s awesome being able to introduce yourself and having all this support, especially as an underground artist.

UPC: What has been the best part of tour life so far?

Povi: The performance. I do get nervous, though. I have to keep moving. Sometimes, I get this weird thing where my hand just goes stiff and I can’t move it, but I love performing for young people. They’re jaded, and with this college tour I’m loving the atmosphere.

UPC: As we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to say?

Povi: I’m truly excited for people to get to know me through my music, and I have a project I have been working on coming in November, so stay tuned.

Check out Povi’s SoundCloud page, browse her website and follow her on Twitter @Iampovitamu.