coverTity Boi was far from an unknown entity when he dropped Codeine Cowboy on February 22, 2011, but he was a long way from the level of stardom he would later reach under the more family-friendly name, 2 Chainz.

As one half of Playaz Circle and a member of LudacrisDTP squad, Tity Boi had been making good music for quite a few years. However, it wasn’t until Codeine Cowboy that his solo career truly took off.

The mixtape is one extended burst of energy and trademark Tity Boi/2 Chainz swagger from the opening song, “Cowboy,” all the way until the very end. Listen to Codeine Cowboy, our Flashback Friday pick for the week, in its entirety below.

The levels of introspection and clever storytelling techniques make Codeine Cowboy a timeless work. A perfect example comes in the form of “Riding Thru Clouds” featuring Dolla Boy:

Don’t know if you noticed the projects is gone

Walked out of church ‘cuz all the Bibles was gone

Had a nightmare that all my rivals was gone

They way I’m killing this shit, they could die on this song.