jazz-cartier-hotel-paranoiaJazz Cartier had a huge 2015. He dropped his debut mixtape Marauding in Paradise, which brought him to the forefront of the Toronto rap scene. Now, it looks like Jazz is poised for a strong 2016 with the release of his sophomore project, Hotel Paranoia.

Jacuzzi Le Fleur continues with his dark and pensive feelings on this album. However, now, it seems as if he has fully immersed himself in that feeling, as the beats seem looming and ominous. It should be noted that he sent fans on a crazy puzzle game on his website the last few weeks, which was all in an attempt to find out when this album was dropping.

Of the 16 tracks, River Tiber is the only feature, appearing on “Tell Me.” However, you won’t get bored of Jazz, as each song is different and special in its own way. Jazz doesn’t hesitate to switch up his flow at a moment’s notice and bring the room up. There’s even a remix of Montell Jordan’s party anthem, “This is How We Do It.” Some of the standout tracks are “Opera,” “Stick and Move,” “I Know,” and “Save Me From Myself.”