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Each Valentine’s Day, the good folks over at TrillectroDCtoBC drop a mixtape to raise awareness for those without a special someone in their lives. Trillectro Music Festival co-founders Modi and DJ Spicoli are back with the eighth installment today – just in time for Feb. 14th. From Trillectro’s SoundCloud page:

Since 2008, the team behind Trillectro has prepared a Valentines Day themed mix compilation known as S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day). S.A.D. started as a playlist curated by Trillectro co-founder Modi. After receiving critical acclaim from music junkies and praise by some of the most influential publications, the 5th installment eventually received the proper mix treatment by fellow co-founder and DJ, Spicoli.

Singles Awareness Day isn’t a day of mourning; it’s simply a time where you’re made aware of the single life, whether or not you’re living it. If you’re boo’d up, you can reflect on the lives of your friends who aren’t, or you can wonder what it’d be like if you didn’t have somebody by your side.

Listen to Singles Awareness Day 8 below, and be sure to let us know what you think by dropping a comment.