CUrmSrqUsAARlE8Twin and Money make up the MBK Twins, an up-and-coming rap duo from the Windy City. The identical twins attended high school with Lil Durk, and the three of them are now on tour together.

The MBK Twins have two bubbling records at the moment – “My Ex” and “Another Me.” They came to Urbana in mid-February to perform at the Canopy Club, and UPC sat down with the brothers for a conversation about high school freestyle sessions with Durk, dream collaborations and favorite places to eat around Chicago. Scroll down to read the interview transcript, and support the MBK Twins by downloading their mixtape, All Day, which can also be found below.

UPC: How old are you guys and what part of Chicago are you from?

MBK: 22 years young. Low-end, 43rd street.

UPC: Who was born first?

MBK: Twin was. He was born 30 minutes early.

UPC: How long have you two been rapping?

MBK: We’ve been rapping our whole lives, but it got serious in 2012.

UPC: What was the creative process like behind “My Ex” and “Another Me?”

MBK: “My Ex” came from … everybody has ex-girlfriends! We sat down and started writing like, “Fuck my ex!” You know, let’s talk about typical exes, real life exes. So we name-dropped, named our exes. Fuck ’em! Everybody’s got an ex they can’t fuck with. And Mick G from Atlanta produced the track. He used to put beats on the Internet, and we snatched it, paid for it and went about it like that.

UPC: Did you guys know Lil Durk before coming on tour with him?

MBK: We went to high school with him. We knew who he was. We used to rap battle on the phone and all types of shit.

UPC: Back in the high school days, who was better at rapping – you two or Durk?

MBK: We can’t put ourselves under nobody. We’re finna do a studio session with him tomorrow. We’ve got four cities on the tour right now. We’re working it, though. Today (in Urbana), St. Louis tomorrow, New York the next day, and then Ohio.

UPC: Who would be your dream collaboration?

MBK: Drake. Rich Homie Quan.

UPC: Who’d you grow up listening to?

MBK: I ain’t gonna lie. Soulja Boy when he was in his prime making those singles. I kept listening to him. 50 Cent, G-Unit, Dipset, No Limit, Cash Money.

UPC: What’s your favorite place to eat in Chicago?

MBK: Popeye’s. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

UPC: What are your favorite places to perform in?

MBK: Florida. We were in Tallahassee with Future. It was one of the homecomings we did [at Florida A&M University]. This was in 2015.

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