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What’s In The Tapedeck: September Edition

What’s In The Tapedeck: September Edition

Obviously we love sharing what we’re listening to with you guys, so our What’s In The Tapedeck column on the sidebar is something we try to update regularly for ya. Realizing that it often goes overlooked (yeah, you gotta scroll a bit to get there), we’ve decided to start incorporating a post each time we...
Chinx's 'Welcome To JFK' & the Difficulty of Dissecting a 'Posthumous Debut Album'

Chinx’s ‘Welcome To JFK’ & the Difficulty of Dissecting a ‘Posthumous Debut Album’

There’s something surreal about listening to a posthumous album. Whether it’s the Notorious B.I.G.‘s Life After Death, Big L‘s The Big Picture, Pimp C‘s The Naked Soul, or any other post-death release, the posthumous album serves as a conversation beyond the grave — one last chance to hang with your favorite rapper. They serve as unplanned, but...