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Hodgy Beats - Dena Tape 2 (Mixtape)

Hodgy Beats – Dena Tape 2 (Mixtape)

Back when Odd Future was first starting to garner a little buzz on the internet, Hodgy Beats released a compilation of his early works and called it the Dena Tape. Four years later, we receive the sequel, and this time around, Don Cannon is playing host to give it more of that official mixtape feel.  Hodgy has been steadily improving his...
Tyler, The Creator - Look ft. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt

Tyler, The Creator – Look ft. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt

A few of the members from Odd Future decided to bless their official SoundCloud page with a free new song featuring production from Nottz, an unlikely collaboration which yields a great result. Listen below as Tyler, Hodgy, Domo and Earl go off on this gem. Hopefully another OF tape is in the near future because it seems like these emcees are...
Hodgy Beats - Untitled 2 EP

Hodgy Beats – Untitled 2 EP

Hodgy is back with his latest solo release Untitled 2, a short but sweet seven track EP. Last year, his first Untitled EP certainly impressed me because we got to see a more introspective side of Hodgy. This time around, it looks like he provided a little bit of everything for his fans, including some rock collaborations,...
Hodgy Beats - Years

Hodgy Beats – Years

Behind Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt in the hierarchy of Odd Future lies Hodgy Beats. Perhaps one of the most underrated West-coast rappers in recent memory, Hodgy has put in solid work in everything he’s released, from being half of MellowHype, to his collaborations with other OFWGKTA members and even his own solo work. Now,...
MellowHigh - Troublesome 2013 (Video)

MellowHigh – Troublesome 2013 (Video)

To commemorate 4/20, MellowHigh (Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis) cruise around town and hotbox in the whip for their latest video titled “Troublesome 2013” featuring Left Brain. Although I don’t expect a substantial project to arise from this duo, the flows are bold and enjoyable nonetheless. Director credits go to Ian Flanigan.
MellowHype - Decoy

MellowHype – Decoy

Welcome to a week of free music from the OF duo MellowHype, otherwise known as #MellowHypeWeek. The group kicked it off Monday night with a banger that can only be heard properly with some type of sub. The next night, they dropped something gritty with help from their fellow OF member Domo. With free songs...
Mellowhype - La Bonita (Video)

Mellowhype – La Bonita (Video)

“If you ain’t got no hoes, you should get a Hitch…” Hodgy is definitely one of the more underrated lyricists out right now. His Untitled EP helped prove that, and if you haven’t peeped that yet, I highly suggest you grab it here. Odd Future also continues to show that they’re a couple steps ahead...